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Little Bear Pilot Perfume Clip

Little Bear Pilot Perfume Clip

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This Cartoon Little Bear Pilot Car Perfume Clip is just the accessory to make your car dashboard look stylish and inviting. Featuring a cute little bear piloting a plane, this car aroma clip is a charming addition to any vehicle interior. It’s crafted with premium materials for extra durability that will last for years of use. With accurate details and vibrant colors, it stands out against most interiors with an attractive charm. Its integrated air freshener inside effectively deodorizes and purifies the air in your car without releasing overwhelming smells. Plus, you have various scented refill options available to switch out the fragrance when needed. All in all, the cartoon little bear pilot feature adds some much-needed style and freshness to your ride.





Specifications: Product Name: Cartoon Little Bear Pilot Car Perfume Clip Product Specification: 6.2cm * 6cm * 5.3cm Material: PVC + POM Flavor: Ocean, Gulong Use Time: 40-60 days Packaging: Blister + Color Card

Packing List: Bulldog Pilot *1+ Perfume *1

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